Member Directory

Attorney: Business & Appellate Litigation

Lucy Dollens

Attorney: Estate Planning

Anne Hamilton Curry

Attorney: Litigation & Bankruptcy

Maidena Fulford

Career & Life Coach

Amy Connelly

Career Testing - Educational Direction

Erin DeBrota

Cleaning Services: Residential and Commercial

Becki Cronin

College Selection Consultant

Amy McVeigh

Direct Sales: Clothing

Erica Edwards

Direct Sales: Cosmetics

Susan Finley

Fertility Coaching/Education

Liz Escoffery

Finanacial: Personal Financial Planning

Maureen Damer

Financial: Business Tax & Accounting/Bookeeping

Shelley Johnson

Financial: Daily Money Management

Lisa Kellum

Financial: Individual Tax Preparation

Kim Storen

Financial: Mortgage Loan Originator

Janai Roberts

Financial: Personal and Business Banking

Debbi Kuller

Fitness: yoga

Mindi Epstein

Fitness: Group, Gym

Connie Fuller

Fitness: Personal Training

Amber Trowbridge

Freelance Writer/Journalist

Cindy Argentine

Funeral Services

Emily Schwindler

Graphic Design: Corporate and Personal

Eileen Adam

Health and Wellness: Nutrition Counseling

Dawn Parker

Home & Business Inventory

Jane Crawford

Home Maintenance Services

Amber Wheeles

Home Staging/Redesign

Whitney Vredenburgh

Insurance: Life, Disability, Annuities

Jill King

Insurance: Title and Escrow

Jennifer Scott

Medical: Physical Therapy

Elaine Morrison

Natural Health, Naturopathic Medicine

Becky Cash

NPO, Chamber

Tracy Coussens

NPO, Coworking Space

Kate Swanson

NPO, Home-Building

Amy Hartwig

NPO, Philanthropy

Susan Albers

Parent Coaching

Charlotte Jessop

Professional Organization

Kimbra Naber

Promotional Items/Apparel

Carol Jakubisin

Real Estate: Commercial

Holly Harrell

Real Estate: Residential

Kathy Wood

Reflexology, Reiki

Ingrid Schwegler Cole

Repurposed Home Goods Boutique

Erica Carpenter

Retail Hardware & Rentals

Leigh Ann Akard

Senior Placement Service

Lona Newton

Therapeutic Massage

Cindy Wampler

Travel: Dream Vacations

Jessica Rheaume